Lecture: "Getting Past The Post-its: Ensuring promising ideas conceived on Post-its make it to the real world."
Dhruv Saxena
"Design thinking helps me question my ideas and test my assumptions. To put it simply, without design thinking I would just be a maker of things, not a designer."
At our event, Dhruv will share some tips for ensuring the successful transition of ideas from Post-its to actual products. He will answer a question sensitive for many designers — 'Why do so many great ideas conceived during design thinking exercises never make it to the real world, and what can designers do to change this?'

Dhruv leads the design practice at the design & dev studio — Uncommon. He helps start-ups across the globe gain traction, and achieve rapid exponential growth through design.
Dhruv is an alumnus of the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) where his work was focussed on physi-digital interfaces, built through collaboration with designers and professors at CIID, MIT Media Lab and Stanford.

Prior to CIID, Dhruv led the design of a healthcare service aimed at solving the problem of over a million neonatal deaths in India. The project is currently being funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation alongside Boch Research.
Dhruv enjoys mentoring and writing on digital design and design thinking. Some of his writing can be found here.
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