Ekaterina Solomeina
Lecture: "How Design Saves the World?"
""I look at design thinking in a much wider way than how it is usually perceived. For me it comprises everything that has to do with innovation, applying creative thinking, and changing the world to the better. And this is incredibly interesting."
Ekaterina Solomeina is a creative director, entrepreneur, and founder of Future London Academy. Her own words about this organization are: "We unite and inspire creative people around the world. We make educational programs on innovation and design taught in London by leading experts from such companies like Facebook, Google, Pentagram, Wolff Olins, IDEO, British Airways, and many others." Before founding Future London Academy, Ekaterina worked in various agencies in London and with a variety of global brands. Right now she also works in partnership with Michael Wolff, co-founder of Wolff Ollins, who will also be a speaker at our Design Thinking Camp.
In her talk at the camp Ekaterina will be answering the question "how design will save the world?" Her experience and deep understanding of current state of the design industry, as well as where this industry will continue to evolve to, will help her tell us about the role of design today and in the future.
Ekaterina is a graduate of University of Hertfordshire with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration, as well as of British Higher School of Art & Design where she also studied graphic design and interactive media. Besides her educational work at the Future London Academy, she also serves as a guest lecturer at British Higher School of Art & Design where she gives talks, lectures and workshops on career development, creative thinking and latest trends in the industry.
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