Hannes Chopra
Lecture: "Design-thinking at Sberbank"
Companies Hannes worked with:
Hannes Chopra is a CEO at Sberbank Insurance since 2014. Before his work at Sberbank, he was the СЕО at ROSNO Group and the President at Allianz Eurasia (all companies owned bу Allianz in CIS). He is also one of the managing partners at a consulting company CKW-Consult with offices in Germany and Russia.

Hannes had his first experience in applying design thinking methodology when he started his work in Sberbank Insurance. Today he is proud to say that the method is being used by his team when working with all of the key products.

At the camp, Hannes will share with us his insights about the process of implementing design thinking in a large corporation like Sberbank Insurance. He will also tell us about the outcomes and results of this implementation as seen by clients, employees, and the company itself.
In 1994 Hannes received a Masters degree in Economics from Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg. He is an invited speaker at Skolkovo Business School in Moscow and at the European University in St. Petersburg. One of his passions is Indian and classical music — he teaches, performs, and records his own albums.
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