Silke Bochat
Lecture: "Design-thinking at PepsiCo"
Companies Silke worked with:
"For us at PepsiCo, Design Thinking delivers an indispensable corporate advantage. Our teams are pushing design through the entire system, accelerating innovation and creating meaningful, holistic experiences answering latent consumers needs and aspirations."
Silke Bochat is the Senior Director/Head of Design for Eastern Europe at PepsiCo, company's second biggest market. Being in charge of all matters of design, Silke's team builds up holistic capabilities from brand design to brand experience, packaging to product, and is uniquely set up covering innovation to production for all 4 categories beverages, snacks, juice and dairy.

At the camp Silke will be sharing an inside view on the work of PepsiCo Design, and how Design Thinking is applied to drive change. Design thinking is more than empathy, prototyping and strategy. It is foremost a change of a corporate culture - the mindset and ways of working of designers but even more so of marketers — away from understanding design as an executional solution briefed with detailed instructions towards design as a driver of innovation, starting changing the perspective with simple questions like 'why' and 'what if'.
Silke has over 15 years experience in design, global and regional design management working for both, corporates and agencies, cross-touchpoint and cross-functional with focus on food, beverages and cosmetics. Previous to PepsiCo, she was Lead Design Manager at Beiersdorf being responsible for the rebranding of the skincare brand NIVEA and a Design Planner at Mars Chocolate, working on brands like Mars, Snickers, Twix, Bounty or Milky Way. Silke started her career by working with the user experience design team at Vodafone creating a unique, consistent design language for the mobile phones portfolio. She studied Design at the Koeln International School of Design in Germany.
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