Veronika Fossa
Open workshop: "How might we design a better work environment… with food?"
"The way I see design is that it's a way of thinking, behaving, and doing that is open to exploration and contributions from all fields like food culture, management, art, and creativity. Hence, design thinking is the only possible approach if we want to design for the evolving needs and expectations of human beings."
Veronica is a Founder & Chief Happiness Designer at WE Factory, a design and consulting agency based in Italy and Finland and working in 10+ countries around the world. WE Factory mission is to change the way we eat at work. The agency works on designing food and creative services and programmes to foster well-being in the workplace.

Before founding WE Factory, Veronica worked as a marketing consultant, project manager and event producer for fashion brands, design and event companies, and food projects like Restaurant Day and Open Kitchen and was awarded the participation to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.
At the camp, Veronica will teach a 2-hour workshop as part of the Main Program. The topic of the workshop is "How might we design a better work environment… with food?" This will be a future-proofed session in which each group of participants is presented with scenarios and insights regarding the future of food and work, from which they will develop potential human-centered solutions.

Veronica holds a master degree in Economics of Experiences from Jönköping International Business School (Sweden) and studied International Design Business Management at Aalto University (Finland). She is a lecturer at the Master in Food Design at Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan and has given multiple lectures in food experience design and design thinking in Sweden, Italy, and Portugal.
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