«Learn. Lead. Innovate. Designing the workplace of the future»
Kim Dabbs
Director of Learning Group (Europe, Middle East, Africa) at Steelcase
August 3rd,
09:30 - 18:00
Individual ticket:
30.000 ₽
Taught in English
(translated to Russian)
Corporate ticket:
36.000 ₽
Join us for a one day Design Thinking sprint on designing the workplace of the future. Through this day, you will learn the methods and mindsets around design thinking and how you can shape your workplace culture through learning, leadership and innovation. We look forward to sharing this hands on active learning engagement with you and your colleagues to jumpstart ideas for transforming the workplace
Design Thinking by Kim Dabbs at TED
In her TED talk, Kim Dabbs explores how we can use design thinking to create a new framework for social impact that fosters equity and justice.
Kim Dabbs
Director of Learning Group (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) at Steelcase.

Kim Dabbs is a social entrepreneur, advocate and innovator who is leading learning for Steelcase in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. She has a passion for building a culture of opportunity and is leveraging that mindset for the launch of the new Learning + Innovation Center that is being built as a global hub in Munich.

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"Design thinking is far more than a method — it is a holistic mindset, that changes the way you see the world. By practicing being human-centered in everything you do, you learn to challenge your own assumptions, be open to embrace ambiguity and push for truly sustainable change. Design thinking is a team sport, and it challenges our collaboration muscles at a new level, allowing participants to create more than the sum of its parts and crafting profoundly novel solutions to wicked problems."
09:30 - 10:00
Welcoming coffee
What brings us together?
Welcome and intro to design thinking.
The Workplace of the Future.
How might we shape it through learning, leadership and innovation.
1. Walking in their shoes.
Building deep understanding for the user in the empathy phase.
11:45 - 12:00
Coffee break
2. Making sense out of what we saw.
Getting to user insights in the define phase.
13:00 - 14:00
Lunch break
3. The more the merrier.
Creating options through brainstorming in the ideation phase.
4. Build your way to a new world.
Thinking about new solutions with your hands in the prototype phase.
5. How do we know we are still on the right track?
Getting feedback from the field and iterating with users in the test phase.
15:45 - 16:00
Coffee break
6. Tell the world what you created.
Prepare & Practice Storytelling.
17:00 - 17:30
Learning Review.
HR specialists
Organization and department directors
Product and project managers
You will learn how to create an environment that inspires people, fosters innovation, and supports cross-functional interactions.
You fill learn how your employees seek from their work experience and how they see the work of the future. You will also plan out the first steps in creating human-centered workspace, corporate and project culture.
You will learn how workspace affects the effectiveness of your team's work and the number of new ideas being created. You will learn to listen to the needs of your team and create the space that supports radical productivity.
User experience research and design laboratory
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