«Implementing Design Thinking: a lesson from 500+ projects»
Oliver Kempkens
ITMP Deutschland GmbH

Воркшоп: "Внедрение дизайн-мышления", Design Thinking Camp

August 2rd,
09:30 - 18:00
Individual ticket:
30.000 ₽
Taught in English
(translated to Russian)
Corporate ticket:
36.000 ₽
How to properly implement Design Thinking? Who should run the initiative? Bottom-up, Top-down? Do we need a sponsor? How to bring the organization on track? In this session, Oliver Kempkens, who was responsible for the implementation of Design Thinking at SAP, the biggest global applicator of Design Thinking at scale, tells about the pitfalls and the shining moments (dos and don'ts), he will help you understand the learnings from 500+ projects and inspire you on how to drive the adoption best.
Oliver Kempkens

Managing Director of ITMP Deutschland GmbH

Oliver is the Managing Director of ITMP — a design consultancy spin-off of the University St. Gallen, the leading expert on Design Thinking in Europe. For over 9 years, the ITMP supports large organizations to become more innovative, by developing the workforce to think human-centered and by building new innovative solutions. Oliver is also a Managing Director at Adapt or Die Ventures, LTD.

More about Oliver
"I started studying law and realized that I do not think that a 3rd person settling a conflict is sustainable. I moved on and studied Mediation, a concept how to empower two parties to solve a conflict. The next logical step for me was Design Thinking: An approach which tries to develop conflict-free, human-centered solutions."
09:30 - 10:00
Welcoming coffee
10:00 - 10:15
Introduction and "small" warm-up
Corporate Design Thinking - An Overview
- In this session, we will discuss the full scope of what it means to implement Design Thinking into a corporation. Which departments are affected and why, how to work with them best.
Coffee break
Integrating Design Thinking into Corporate Processes
- Ideally, Design Thinking can shape the future of portfolio management. We will discuss how this can work.
13:00 - 14:00
Lunch break
Operationalizing Design Thinking
- Implementing Design Thinking means very often, changing the way how a corporation "breathes". To be successful, we have to modify the corporate DNS.
15:45 - 16:00
Coffee break
Measuring Design Thinking?
- Ultimately Design Thinking is successful if the company improves. However, on the way of changing the culture, thorough steps have to be taken to not jeopardize the success. We will discuss the relevant key performance indicators, to measure your success.
I like, I wish
- Gathering feedback about the workshop in a fun and playful way
HR specialists
Product and project managers
Organization and department directors
You will learn about the steps in implementing design thinking in your company, about how to support the process and measure the outcomes.

You will evaluate the readiness of your organization to implement design thinking method and plan out the first steps in building human-centered corporate and project cultures.
You will learn how to plan the implementation of design thinking process and instruments in your team and get an insight of how to scale the method to the entire organization.
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