"Intensive Design Thinking - Evolution 6 model"
Katja Tschimmel
Founder of MINDSHAKE, Researcher at ESAD, Guest Professor at Laurea University and Porto Business School
August 2rd,
09:30 - 18:00
Individual ticket:
30.000 ₽
Taught in English
(translated to Russian)
Corporate ticket:
36.000 ₽

Workshop: "Evolution 6", Design Thinking Camp

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During the 8 hours of this workshop participants will go through all the components of Evolution 6 design thinking model and will apply their learnings in practice when solving real-world problems. The model includes the following stages: Emergence, Empathy, Experimentation, Elaboration, Exposition, and Extension. Participants will learn instruments, useful templates, interactive activities, exercises, and game mechanics to help them better apply design thinking method in the real world.
Katja Tschimmel

Consultant, researcher, corporate trainer, and Professor of Design Thinking.

Katja is a consultant, researcher, executive trainer and Professor in creativity and design thinking. She is the founder of MINDSHAKE. MINDSHAKE offers consultancy and training in Creativity and Design Thinking and organizes events in this field. The vision of the company is: "Creativity is transmissible and incurable. We want to infect and to be infected." Customers of MINDSHAKE include Portuguese and international companies such as Roche, BA Glass, NOS, Paribas, Sonae, Unicer, Deloitte, among many others.

More about Katja
"Design Thinking comes naturally to me. It is about thinking differently, collaborating with others and focusing on people's needs, making connections to get a view of the big picture. Design thinking is also about using visualization techniques and prototyping, and learning by doing."
09:30 - 10:00
Welcoming coffee
10:00 - 10:15
Warm-up and Icebreaker
- Collaborative presentation exercise with the DT principals.
Theoretical introduction of the concept Design Thinking
- Contextualisation of Design Thinking .
- Explication of the DT principals.
- Introduction of the Evolution 6^2 model and its 6 phases.

- Introduction into the techniques of this phase.
- Realisation of an Opportunity Mind Map and identification of an opportunity for an intra-company project.
- Elaboration of an Intent Statement.
- Introduction into the techniques of this phase.
- Realisation of an Interview and an Insight Map.
- Visualisation of all collected information.
13:30 - 14:30
Lunch break
- Introduction into the techniques of this phase.
- Idea generation with Brainwriting and Semantic Confrontations.
- Selection of the best ideas through an Idea Hitlist.

- Introduction into the techniques of this phase.
- Definition of a new concept with Desktop Walkthrough and Rapid Prototyping.
- Elaboration of a Service Blueprint.

16:30 - 16:45
Coffee break
- Introduction into the techniques of this phase.
- Storytelling and realisation of a Vision Statement.
- Presentation of an Elevator Pitch.

17:30 - 18:00
- Introduction into the techniques of this phase.
- Application of a short Road Map.
- Final reflection about the whole DT process and the used tools by playing the E6^2 card game.

UX/UI designers
Product- and project-managers
Entrepreneurs and freelancers
add many new and useful instruments in your designer toolset

learn how to better pitch your ideas to colleagues and clients
increase the speed and quality of your team's work

learn to measure the outcomes of your work with user-centered criteria
reduce the cost of error in developing your products and services

increase the speed and quality of your work and the work of your team
User experience research and design laboratory
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