Jagdish Sihra
Lecture: "Using design to make flying something wonderful to experience, not just endure"
"There is no other way of thinking for me. Everything I approach in my work and my personal life is through a design lens. It is simply my passion and I live by it".
Jag is a Senior Design Manager at Virgin Atlantic Airways. Prior to her engagement with Virgin Atlantic, she spent 15 years with British Airways, having accumulated a vast experience in designing airplane interiors, airport lounges, and flight crew uniform. Her management skills lead her team towards award winning designs and solutions. Jag always keeps her focus on the end user experience, be it a passenger of Virgin Atlantic, a crew member, or anyone else who has the chance to experience the outcome of her work.
Her presentation is titled "Using design to make flying something wonderful to experience, not just endure", and we are curious to hear from her about the design ideas and implementations that make this happen.

Jag holds BA with honors in Textile Design from St. Martins, UAL and MA Textile Design from Goldsmiths, University of London.
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