Lecture: "Designing Virtual Assistants. Voice and Conversational User Interfaces."
Companies Konstantin worked with:
Design is the intersection of user experience, technology, and art. Without any of these parts, the product we create is either unusable, or unreliable, or ugly. So if we want to make products and the whole our environment humane we need Design Thinking.
Konstantin is the co-founder and director at UX-study - a London-based UX agency. UX-study specializes in designing and creating labs, design centers, and other types of spaces for design research. The company also conducts UX studies and specializes in Virtual Assistants and Voice User Interfaces.
Prior to founding UX-study, Konstantin spent 7 years with Google as user experience researcher, conducting studies for Android, Google Now, Search, Maps and other products. Before Google Konstantin founded and worked at a UX research agency HCI.RU where he conducted UX studies for both Russian and international companies. In 2007 he was elected as the head of the Russian ACM CHI (Computer-Human Interaction) chapter.
Konstantin studied UX Research at the Ergonomics Faculty at the MIREA University and gave multiple lectures there on the user experience topics.
There are two ways to attend the camp: by signing up to a closed workshop taught by international experts in design thinking and by watching open lectures in the live streaming mode. Tickets for the main program are sold.
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