Christopher Meierling
Christopher Meierling participates in the main program of our camp with a lecture on day Three. He will also host a closed workshop with Peter Jackson for which the tickets are sold separately.
"The beauty of design thinking is its ability host many different perspectives at the same table. It is a deeply human approach to problem solving, both in execution and in output, and helps designers, managers, or any stakeholder prioritize what matters most."
Christopher is a Design Lead at Design for Change Studio at IDEO office in San Francisco. IDEO is a global design consultancy, committed to creating positive impact. At IDEO, Christopher and his colleagues help companies innovate by putting people at the center of their work. In IDEO's Design for Change Studio Christopher focuses on helping teams and organizations build innovation capabilities and unlock their potential to deliver breakthrough experiences to customers.
At our event Christopher will share his experience in working at the studio and give a practical overview of one of design thinking most important instruments in a talk titled "Designing Change: Enabling organizational transformation through prototyping".
Prior to IDEO, Christopher worked as an education strategist at Arizona State University, and as an independent product design consultant. He earned a BSD in Industrial Design at The Ohio State University and received his MSD in Design Research at Arizona State University. He also has completed training in charette facilitation for urban planning projects and interaction design at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. He stays involved with design education as a guest lecturer at California College of the Arts and Arizona State University..
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