Peter Jackson
Companies Peter worked with:
Peter Jackson participates in the main program of our camp with a lecture on day Three. He will also host a closed workshop with Christopher Meierling for which the tickets are sold separately.
"Design thinking is a powerful tool for making government services work more efficiently and effectively for citizens, helping to both improve their lives and strengthen the social contract".
Peter Jackson co-leads the Public Sector Portfolio from IDEO's San Francisco office where he helps governments, non-profits, and enterprises with a public impact mission bring Design Thinking into their organizations in order to create meaningful change in the world. He leads client relationships and programs where design questions focus on opportunities to make products, services, and organizational cultures more citizen-centered.

At the camp Peter will be sharing his experience in applying Design Thinking in public sector work in a talk titled "Citizen Services by Design".

IDEO itself is a global design and innovation consultancy that helps organizations in the public and private sector create revolutionary new products, services, and experiences, as well as the organizations needed to deliver them.
Before IDEO, Peter was a an Assistant Director at the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. His team created award-winning products and tools, including ones to help consumers manage student loan debt and find a good mortgage, all with a user experience and brand that the Washington Post called "a conscious departure from the buttoned-down aesthetic of the Beltway."
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